Trips tips

Aquapark in Hradec Králové

Recreational pool has 30 x 12,5 m. Main attractions are huge waves and subaquatic vulcanos.
Aquapark in Hradec Králové

Giant aquarium in Hradec Králové

ENVI HOUSE with giant aquarium in center of Hradec Králové offers you contact with tropical wildlife.

ZOO in Dvůr Králové nad Labem

Famous zoo connected with name - Josef Vagner. The founder of local safari.

Kunětická Hora castle

Kunětická Hora castle take an importatnt place in fortification architecture.

Kuks castle

Kuks castle is famous for baroque sculptures in front of church and hospital made between 1712 and 1731. Author of those sculptures is Matyáš Bernard Braun.